Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Islands in Estonia

Estonia, known to be the country with the largest number of isles on earth comprising of 1500 islands, small and big, located along the cliffy Baltic coasts and Lake Peipus, generally edging the mainland. Despite of their beautiful landscape, many of the islands due to their smaller size do not owe much interest. Fortunately, there are certain exceptions which are worth spending. Among all the islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are the largest on Estonia and also the most popular owing to their extraordinary landscape and breathtaking site seeing views. The islands worth visiting on Estonia are:-

This  2,700  sq.km spread island, inhabited to 40,000 people making it the largest island in Estonia with an intact and well-oriented castles, house fenced with stones, thatching roofs, innumerous windmills, the aroma of pure beer and the countless cultural festival  attracts tourists to itself. It also owes its greatness to its beautiful landscape and isolation. Places to visit in Saaremaa:-
  • Kuressaare Castle.

  • The Massilinn Order Castle.
  • Kaali Meteorite Craters
  • Panga Cliff
  • Jarve beach
  • Joori   Village Museum
  • Koljala Manor.
  • Kubassaare Broadleaf Forest.
Formed nearly 455 million years ago as a result of meteor explosion, this 1,000 sq.km spread island over the Baltic sea inhabits nearly 11,000 people making it the second largest in   Estonia. Also known as the ‘Isle of Calm’ peace and calmness is this islands priority with its inhabitants living life with a very positive attitude. The centres of attraction are:-
  • Its largest town Kardla, an immensely wooded island.
  • High  Density Forest.
  • Statue of leiger.
Hiiumaa is one of the best sites for nature lovers with all facilities available for hiking, lurking, sailing, swimming, rafting and if nothing then simply relaxing. Its wealth of lighthouses and the music festival also collects tourists interest.
In all the mashup of the marine, soothing climate and the husky smell of woods, pleasant breeze really makes ones day!
The other smaller islands but interesting and worth visiting are:-
  • Muhu
  • Kihnu
  • Vormsi
  • Ruhnu
Therefore, if anyone wants to pay a visit to this beautiful country should visit these breathtaking places.

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